Posted by: medicblog999 | July 31, 2009


jack in the boxSometimes you get a job which gives you a gentle reminder not to prejudge what you are responding to.

Sometimes you cant help jumping to conclusions according to what is displayed on the screen in the car/ambulance which has been gained from what the patient or relative  has told the call taker.

Sometimes it comes through as something innocuous and possible even something that gets the old ‘they called 999 for that!’ going, which turns out to be a true emergency.

Sometimes it comes through as a serious complaint but in someone so young that you go in thinking ‘yeah right!”, only to find that actually it is something bad.

These happen every now and then.

Its now 05:25, and I have just had two back to back.

More to come next week!



  1. I hate jobs that bite you in the arse like that:(

  2. I did that the other day. My mother in law has decided that she wants to become an EMT and is going to go through class to get her license. Naturally, I suggested that she come and ride a day with me so that she could get a feel for it.

    She came up and I had her get acclimated to the ambulance and learn what everything was, and told her just to follow my lead on a call when we got one. Yep 🙂 MY MOTHER IN LAW HAD TO LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE.

    You can see I was ecstatic.

    About 1hr and 20min into the day we got a call for a seizure. I had her ride out with me in my interceptor vehicle (Rapid Response Car for you Brits) It was across town and I made it exciting for her by letting her play with the siren on the way out there. The call was for a “Seizure”. I figured it would be an easy job, IV, o2, EKG and a bit of valium if the patient was still seizing. Easy call, right?

    We got there and the family was very excited. They were yelling something about the patient “Not breathing” and that they wanted us to hurry. Yea.. seizures’ll do that I thought.

    You guessed it. My tunnel vision got me burned. It was a full arrest on a younger patient. CPR was in progress when we entered the apartment.

    We got the patient back. (the Pt) made a neurologically intact discharge after some time in ICU…. but my tunnel vision almost got me burned.

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