Posted by: medicblog999 | July 29, 2009

So many new entries to the blog roll!


I seem to be finding loads of new EMS blogs recently. Some have been around ages and I just have never stumbled across them before and some are brand new, like little babies still covered in ‘gubbings’ (is that another UK only phrase)!

Instead of letting you know about each one, I thought I would clump them together in one post. Im sure you will get to know them all anyway when the send their submissions into ‘The Handover” carnival anyway (hint hint chaps!)

So here we go:

Give it Diesel

A Brand new blog started just last week from a ‘just about to qualify’ UK EMT.

Just me, Just my Blog

Another brand new blog, this time from a rookie volunteer firefighter/EMT from the United States

Outback Ambo

This one one is from a Paramedic in the Northern territories of Australia. This blog is just about to come up to its 1st anniversary, but I have just recently found it myself.

The Elmbulance

Another Australian blog, this time from a Paramedic student. This one has been going for the last few months and along with Outback Ambo, gives us an Aussie look at EMS

The World Through the Eyes of a Paramedic

Another blog from a London Ambulance Service paramedic. I don’t know how this one has slipped through the radar as Steve has been writing it since 2005!

And last but not least……

Standing on the edge of me

At only one day old, Elisabeth has to get the award of the quickest link to a new EMS blog! She is an EMT student in America, and is going to share her journey with us all.

*EDIT* Whoops, missed one:

Memoirs of a Medic

Another brand new blog, this time from a UK technician. Less than a week old!

Is that enough for you all?

I feel that it is one of my responsibilities to promote other bloggers, after all, the more different perspectives out there the better. I hope you have a quick look at the blogs and if you like them, keep going back to see how they are going on.

But dont forget about little ‘ol medic999!



  1. Cheers for the link, mister medic 🙂 Will link you bank shortly.

  2. Thanks for the shout medic999.

    Already receiving some love.

    2 days to go and I’m there a real live ambulance tech.

    Can’t wait!

  3. Thanks for the reference to my blog in yours – I’ve already had more visitors! 🙂

  4. Hey Medic999, thanks for the mention! Keep up the good work.

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