Posted by: medicblog999 | July 28, 2009

A whole new consideration.

IMGP1127A good few months back, I mentioned that I had a sudden realisation about where my career was headed and what was really important in my life.

I have stopped constantly looking for the next big opportunity, the next project I can get involved in or the next possible promotion that is up and coming. Instead I have committed myself to maintaining my level of expertise and continuing to learn as much as possible, to keep me the best paramedic I can be. I am already a Paramedic Team Leader and pretty much at the top of where I can be without loosing a significant amount, if not all, patient contact.


I still have a moments thought when an internal job memo comes through the fax or appears on the NEAS intranet site, which makes me stop and think….maybe?

However, what I have noticed is that there is a whole new consideration involved these days. I still, of course, think about the impact that any future job may have on my home/family life first and foremost. Pretty soon after that though, I jump straight to :

“What would I have to blog about if I did that job?”

Now, I don’t know if that makes me some sort of king saddo, but I do always come back to that question.

I cannot describe how much I enjoy being part of the EMS blogosphere and all that comes from it. My readership keeps on going up, so I am apparently writing things that some people find interesting, and I am starting to get comments from quite a few people who have never commented before.

I thoroughly enjoy being a guest on the EMS garage which is opening up further opportunities with some great EMS professionals in America. Then there is of course ‘The Project’, which is constantly there in my mind, just waiting for the final OK before Happy Medic and I book our flight tickets.

I know for a fact that I get as much, if not more, out of writing this blog, than you do from reading it.

I have just past another little milestone, that of 50,000 hits and also over 10,000 this month alone. I’m still a very small fish in a huge pond, but I really appreciate being able to communicate with you all and share my thoughts and worries.

Thanks for being there!



  1. Nooooo! Don’t go do some uninteresting desk job! I like your blog!

    Oh, and um, congrats on the 10k hits! Wish I knew how to do that. I guess I should write with a British Accent.

    Of course, if my mess-up at work that I just posted about gets me canned, (or sacked as y’all Brits call it) I might have the same problem pretty soon.

  2. Could you honestly do a desk job?!
    I had a desk job before I joined the Ambulance Service and thinking about going back to it gives me the heebie jeebies!

    I checked out ‘The Handover’ EMS/ER & A&E blog carnival, and it looks pretty awsome. I will definetely be contributing to the next edition. Keep up the good work!!!

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