Posted by: medicblog999 | July 14, 2009

Copy Code Three – Now available to download!

CC3_144There is a new podcast out there to listen to, but this one is a little different from the other EMS podcasts available.

It is the brain child of Buck Feris, who if you don’t already know of him, seems to be one of the most active members of the EMS internet scene. He is a regular writer on JEMS connect, EMS United, and Everyday EMS tips as well as being a voice of knowledge on various podcasts including EMS Garage, EMS Educast and EMS Leadership.

Copy Code Three is his own venture into podcasting and gives us a glimpse each episode of the life, story and experience of one EMS professional. This weeks episode is a fascinating insight into an EMT who became a soldier to avenge the loss of his family members in 9/11, ultimately ending up critically wounded and battling his way back to becoming a paramedic again.

It really is a fantastic story to listen too.

Click here to either listen on line or download the podcast.

Copy Code Three – Spread the word!


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