Posted by: medicblog999 | July 12, 2009

You have to look for the positives!


Some paramedics seem to really hate sitting on standby. I say, lets look for the positives:


This post will come as no surprise what so ever to those that now me!!



  1. I spent half of New Year’s Night sitting on a car park next to an all-night Maccy D’s (yes it was open all that night, and doing a roaring trade too!).

    However, I don’t eat Maccy D’s as I have a good idea of what goes into their stuff (beef lung, anyone?), their coffee is crap and their tea the worst in the world.

  2. I wonder if you get the same perks from your Maccy D’s as we do? Hot and cold drinks are free to emergency service personel as long as we are in uniform and we get much reduced prices on food. As you can imagine we tend to quite like going there on standby. Although I’m starting to get a littlle podgy……..:0(

  3. MarkUK

    Actually, the bits of the cow that go into McFood are steak from the front of the cow (the rear of the cow is sold in Marks & Spencers).


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