Posted by: medicblog999 | July 8, 2009

Almost an Astronaut!!

sts-119-patch-thI make no  apologies for this not being a medical post, or another insight into the life of a paramedic. Instead you get an insight into the life of a little boy who is now 36 years old but still vividly remembers his boyhood dreams of being a spaceman!!

Today, myself and Mrs 999 were providing medical cover for the ‘Astronaut Experience’ at  local Athletics stadium. When I initially volunteered us for it, I didnt even know what it was about, but thought that anything to do with space would be interesting to see.

What it turned out to be was a ‘seminar’ for 2700 local school children, given by the crew of Space Shuttle Mission Sts-119. which launched on March 15th this year with a mission to install solar array panels to bring the international space station up to full power. After I had learned what was actually going to happen, I got a little excited and knew it was going to be a really interesting day (for the kids, honestly!!)


The Crew of Mission sts-119

The crew arrived on a helicopter and gave a great commentary on a 25 minute video that was playing on a big screen, describing their mission. They then gave some inspirational speech’s on the benefit of working hard in school and trying the best you could at whatever you want to do.

After a while, we all broke for lunch, and the event organiser came over and asked if we wanted to go and have some lunch…….with the astronauts!!!!       Hell yes!!

What followed was a surreal 35 minute chat, sitting in between three of the five crew members that were there. We discussed various things including the medical procedures if one of the long term astronauts on the International Space Station had an MI (heart attack) and needed immediate return to earth – really interesting!!

We also talked about mine and Happy Medics upcoming ‘Project’ which they had some interesting views on.


(l-r)Mission Specialist John Philips, Mrs Medic999, Mission Specialist Joseph Acaba, ME!!!!, Mission Specialist Steven Swanson

All in all, just ordinary guys who have achieved extra ordinary things.

They offered to stand for some photos with us, which I snapped up (excuse the pun), then they went back out to field some questions from all the kids.


(l-r) Pilot Domonic Antonelli, Mission Commander Lee Archambault, ME!!!, Mrs Medic999, Mission Specialist Steven Swanson, Mission Specialist Joseph Acaba, Mission Specialist John Philips

What a weird but fantastic day!

I think I will be dreaming of being a space man tonight!!


  1. Way cool…we went to NASA last year and spoke with some “spacemen” there too…funny how you see them as being so much above ordinary people because of what they achieve but really, they’re just as normal (or not) as everyone else, they just strove to accomplish their dreams and should be an inspiration to us all.

  2. Mrs999 is obviously a lot better looking than her spouse!

  3. Of all the topics to discuss with an astronaut, you think of me?


    That is so sweet!

  4. My God! That’s incredible. I’m really, really quite jealous of you now Mark!

  5. That would be 2701 local children. Every now and then the job lets you get paid to do great stuff. Keeps the inner child nutured.As a group ,Ambo’s seem to be pretty in touch with their juvenile selves.

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