Posted by: medicblog999 | July 6, 2009

Our Station open day.


Doing a simulated extrication.

We had a beautiful sunny day on Saturday this week for the annual Swalwell community Fire and Ambulance Station open day. A great time was had by all, and we had approximately 800 visitors in the 4 hours we were open to the public. The Fire service did a fantastic job of organising a day full of events and rides for the kids to enjoy.

We had the opportunity to do a couple of RTC extrication exercises along with the Fire Service and the Police, which worked really well and we also helped out the Swalwell young fire fighters with a couple of exercises that they did.

Since it is a little way from where you live, I thought I would give you a quick tour of what we had on offer. (I know the ambulance section looks a bit quiet, but it did get busier when all the kids got fed up with looking at the shiny red fire engines – An ambulance will never be as cool as a fire engine!)

Teaching a little BLS

Teaching a little BLS


  1. Boy did I get some funny looks from my coworkers when I played the video and the (Can’t quite remember the name of the song) came on 🙂

    Neat station. Nice trucks. They sure look different than they do here.

  2. Mark, I’m glad to see you got yourself co-located with the burger bar, ice cream van and bouncy castle.
    Good to see you had a good attendance.

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