Posted by: medicblog999 | July 2, 2009

Its hot!……….Damn Hot!!

unifromThe NHS ambulance uniform was not designed with hot summer weather in mind. It is a thick cotton jumpsuit, which goes over a lovely black T-Shirt, it doesn’t seem to be able to ‘breathe’ and hence it gets very sweaty, very quickly!

Not the best image in the world for you all but hey, if I have to suffer, so do you!

The one saving grace is our wonderful relatively new ambulance which we have managed to keep hold of for the last couple of weeks. It has fantastic air conditioning, and getting into it is like getting into a fridge. I would happily sit in their all day and have all of the patients brought to me so that I didn’t even have to get out once.

The only real problem though is when the patient says “Its a bit cold in here”. Now being the consummate health professional, I turn the air con off and subsequently feel the heat building up in my own little mobile sauna that is the back of a NEAS ambulance in the middle of summer. I did consider just giving the patient a couple of blankets but thought that might not look too good!

Anyway, just another 4 hours till my lovely cold shower at the end of the shift.

Us Brits are always the same, we either moan about the rain and the cold or if the weather gets better, we just moan about the heat. Its currently 29 degrees outside, which may not be much where you are, but its bloody hot where I am sitting!

Bring on the winter!


  1. just be thankful Mark. You could be doing this in Florida in an Ambulance with no A/C and the fleet mechanics just tell you to open the window………awesome.

  2. Hehe, I know the feeling, I was scrubbed and gowned in a patients room today for a complex dressing change, doors and windows shut to minimise air flow, the 30 minutes in there was hell. The tissue viability nurse and I were sweating buckets, it felt like I lost a load of weight in the process.

    Keep up the good blogging

    Rob – Student Nurse

  3. I love warm weather. It’s HOT weather I can’t do.

    As a CFR, I need to approach the patient’s address wearing my hi-vis, as we don’t really have a uniform. (Well, there is a recommended one that’s great if you are only on call once a week and do nothing else during your on-call time. At the moment I’m volunteering over 30 hours a week and need to do other things in between calls.)

    My hi-vis has a big reflective badge on the back. It’s held there in a plastic pouch attached to the vest. That means that a square foot of my back has four layers outside my shirt – polyester, plastic, badge and plastic. The polyester of the rest of the vest is also sweat-inducing, even in Spring.

    Needless to say, the vest is soon discarded when I’m with the patient. Have you tried doing CPR with that kind of gear on?

  4. 29 degrees? And you’re sweating? Hmmm, when it’s 29 degrees out there’s usually snow on the ground where I am.. Of course, I can be in a T-shirt and be comfortable in 29degree weather, but only in mid to late winter because I’ve gotten use to it.

    Wait, what? Ohhhhh, you’re in the UK where they use that funny measurements. How many milliliters are in a furlong?

  5. My car gets 14 furlongs to the hogshead and that’s the way I likes it!

  6. I was at a meeting in a hotel in South Shields – it was awful – we could see everyone making their way to the beach with buckets & spades.

  7. I was doing A&E Support for YAS a few days ago, and we were sat on the sea front in Scarborough, watching everybody walk past us wearing basically nothing while we were panting like dogs because of the lack of A/C. I feel for you though Mark – I just have the thick cotton shirt, having dispensed of the T-Shirt underneath!

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