Posted by: medicblog999 | June 21, 2009

Respect where respect is due!

fire photo

I am writing this post as I sit on medical cover for the fire fighters from my station and those from the neighbouring station. I have spoken in the past, even only this week on EMS garage, how sometimes the relationships between the UK Fire Service and the Ambulance Services can be strained.

Things have been getting better recently with the initiatives of joint training for RTC’s etc, but as I sit here watching the lads get stuck into  big fire, I realise that all the little bickering that goes on between us, really is unfounded. We as an ambulance service have a job to do, the Fire Brigade have a job to do. Sometimes we meet on a job,  sometimes, like now, I get to stand back and watch the professionalism of the UK Fire service in action.

I for one though, will happily stand at the edge of the exclusion zone, firmly behind a fire appliance!

CKemtp from ‘Life under the lights‘ also has a interesting video on his blog of a large fire he just missed out on attending yesterday. Click here to have a look at that video footage.

(Photograph used with the explicit consent of the Fire Officer in charge on scene)

fire photo 2


  1. Is that in gosforth, i think thats the reason the road i should have took home is closed

  2. Hi Vicky,

    No it wasn’t in Gosforth, it was in Dunston.

  3. Oh come on 999! Grab a coat and get in there! We multi-task, so should you!

    You’ll see.

    Keep watch over our Brothers and Sisters,

  4. Indeed, although as the ambulance Medic my roll is as your is, to stand back and think casualties, not tactics. But if assigned to the engine that day, I would be involved in the fire fight directly.

    I would have indeed enjoyed seeing your pals in action and hope to catch a job like this when there.

    Be Happy!

  5. lmao you go into teams fisheries while you were down there by any chance

  6. Bet that caused chaos for the metrocentre and people leaving

  7. I’m on the engine today. No trains have derailed thus far.

    I’m glad for that. Would have been a horrible sight.

    Love a good fire though. I’m back in my ambulance tomorrow for 48 glorious hours. Yay irresponsibly long shifts!

  8. When I visited the LAS, and was surprised to learn of the disconnect between them and LFB. There is a big difference in some states here. I worry that the relationship between EMS and Fire will never be completely cordial and comfortable. But it’s nice to try. I respect the hell out of the firefighters because they do a job that scares me.

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