Posted by: medicblog999 | June 20, 2009

Come and join the laughter!


I had a blast on the EMS Garage this week! The episode (39) is now available to download from the site or iTunes, or to listen to from the site itself.

This week, Chris, Jamie, Gary and myself, first discuss the Oklahoma State Trooper ‘v’ Paramedic saga. If you havent heard or seen the videos that we will be discussing, they can be found below:

This first clip was the one initially seen around the world.

This second one is from the dashboard camera released by the Ohio State Police

Then we move onto more enjoyable hilarity. If you thinking about a career in the ambulance service, this is a good insight into some of the things we see, but also it invites you into the environment in the staff room of every ambulance station when one person starts by saying…”I had this job once”.

There is a warning though:

CUP-WITH-STRAWYou will never look at a slush/slurpee the same way ever again!!!



  1. Just a clarification that the incident actually happened in Oklahoma and not Ohio. I figured I would chime in so that people weren’t lost on what incident you were referring to.

    Great Blog!

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