Posted by: medicblog999 | June 17, 2009

A new way to learn ECG (or EKG – equality and diversity chaps!!)

I have just watched this over at Purple Plus, and for those who understand cardiac rhythm abnormalities, I’m sure you will find it as laugh out  loud funny as I did.

Have a look and a giggle, and then let me know if you found it as amusing as I did.



  1. You’ve inspired me to bring my “3 brothers” method to life somehow.

    I’ll have a go next week.

  2. I think this should be mandatory in training school. It would also keep one fit!

  3. Love it! Should definitely be a widely used teaching method!

  4. Sweet vid man. Gonna use that one in shift training tomorrow.

    I had a patient do those very things this morning.

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