Posted by: medicblog999 | June 16, 2009

Isnt karma great!!!

goodkarmalaneBen over at ‘The Insomniacs guide to Ambulances’ tells us a fantastic story today which is well worth a read. I wont spoil it for you here, but suffice to say, I wish I had been Ben in this instance. Click here to read his post before moving on, Ill wait here for you!……..

Finished, cool!

After I read it, I got to thinking about my own experiences and I thought that I could probably write something similar, surely something like that has happened to me?

No, nowt, nada!

I have however, imagined many many situations where I wished karma had visited someone who had impacted negatively on me whilst in the course of my duties.

The car driver, who blocked the road in front of me whilst I had a patient on the back and refused to move until he actually heard the police car coming that I had called for.

The multiple members of the public that come up to the ambulance whilst I am busy in the back with a patient and knock on the door to ask if we could move out of the way so they can get past.

The ‘not so nice person’ who broke into my ambulance whilst we were in a patients house and pinched my lovely spanking new high vis jacket which contained my lovely spanking new expensive sun glasses in the pocket!

I could go on and on, but whats the point (sigh!!), I don’t want any ill health or injury to occur to them, but wouldn’t it be great after a confrontation or a difficult situation for them to suddenly have to rely on the very service and staff that they had abused, stolen from, or interfered with (the service not the staff, that would be just wrong!!)

Oh well, onwards and upwards!!



  1. Thanks for the ad! You don’t get to see karma every day, but it sure is great when you do… 🙂

  2. I often wish I got to see Karma come back around. The one time I thought I would…Karma let me down. I had to go to court for two guys who tried to steal the ambulance with me still in it. I had to testify, the whole 9 yards. Their punishment? A hundred dollar fine. WTF??

  3. My thoughts/ daydreams are that if you abuse/ assault/ threaten/ etc (you get the idea) or do stupid things like asking us to move, your details get logged on the “big brother” computer and you forfeit your “right” to ever get an Ambulance.
    Cause you’re obviously an oxygen thief and don’t deserve our company…

  4. I found your blog whilst googling “lovely spanking” Not at all what I was looking for.

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