Posted by: medicblog999 | June 12, 2009

Medic999 on TV

Here is another clip from Series 5 of “Emergency”, the UK documentary filmed about what we do in the North East Ambulance Service.

Just a couple of explanations first.

  1. This was filmed a couple of years ago, when Lignocaine was still indicated within the UK ambulance services for symptomatic VT. That has now changed and we do not use lignocaine anymore.
  2. Before anyone calls me a girl for only placing a 22g cannula, the patient had really really bad veins, and to be honest, I was over the moon when it went in!
  3. Remember, the camera adds loads of weight and jump suits arent the most flattering of uniforms.

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Nice work. Hey a bluey eh! Doesn’t matter, a lines a line. Don’t you just hate it when some Paramedics think green or nothing. Do you use Amiodarone for VT with a pulse up your way? We only use it for refractory VT/VF. Apparently we are getting a new safer derivite form of Amiodarone sometime in the future.

    Another thing, I’ve seen Emergency before but never that episode. The ones I see always show the grey haired bloke working with blonde and another guy with 2 pips.
    Any other episodes on the net?

  2. what are your guidlines for VT with a pulse now? Over here we have the option of lidocaine 1.5mg/kg if they they are stable or immediate synchronized cardioversion @ 100 J or 200 J for polymorpic v tach if they are unstable. As far as the 22G IV you get what you can get. My partner was sniggering at me for using a 20G on an elderly patient as he only uses 18G on all patients regardless. I say whatever, bigger isnt always better

  3. I got into watching Emergency when I was off sick in January, that and A&E, and Medics of the Glen! Channel 254 on Sky – Emergency is on most evenings. Will see if I can spot you from now on!

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