Posted by: medicblog999 | June 11, 2009

Facebook – the new big brother watching us??


Ive just had a really interesting message on my facebook page.

A fellow American EMS blogger was on his own Facebook site when the usual pop ups of “people you may know” cropped up. In amongst the list of people who he might know was little old me! He recognised my face from my blog page photo and then thought he would delve into this a little further.

On checking my friends list, he found that we have no friends in common and nothing apparently on our profiles to link us, however, the all seeing, all knowing Facebook knew that we knew each other!!.

I think its all just a conspiracy to keep tabs on all us bloggers out in the great blogosphere. Who knows, but I found it all very entertaining anyway.

May not be of much interest to my wonderful readers, but with being away from work until next weekend, I thought I would share it with you all anyway.

Im going to put a couple of posts up going back to some memorable jobs in my career so far over the next couple of days to try and get back to some sort of normality for you all.

Thanks for sticking around.



  1. Hello Mark,

    Looking forward to your triumphant return!

    I unsubscribed from facebook a few months ago. I can barely keep up with the people in real-life, never mind that stuff. And, I always felt rude for not responding to friend requests. I must be a cranky old coot.

  2. Ha ha ha… I thought about blogging about this myself.

  3. I use gmail and I know that FB will sometimes suggest people of my gmail contacts list if it finds a matching e-mail address on FB.

  4. Am I the only EMS blogger, or for that matter, the only person on the planet, that doesn’t use Facebook?

    My wife, Gkemtb, does. Wonder if you can find her.

  5. To Ckemtp:

    Only you and micheal…jk

    facebook is useful for what you want to use it for. Like Shoneys, take what you want but eat what you take.

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