Posted by: medicblog999 | June 2, 2009

An update

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thanks for all your caring messages, it means alot!

Thought I would give you an update as there has been a definate lack of medical stuff on this blog lately.
I’m back in hospital as the headache didn’t improve over the weekend and have now been diagnosed with a post lumbar puncture spinal headache (10 points to the clever clogs who got that right). I’ve been taken off all the various analgesia I was on as I was on so much, I didn’t know if the meds were making me feel terrible, or if it was still the headache. The one thing I do know is that me and morphine patches don’t go well together!!

I was having some really strange things going on when I had that patch on, such as paranoia, dizzyness, anxiety and really vivid images etc whenever I closed my eyes. Sounds a bit wierd, but all I know is that I didn’t like it, so…. Off with the patch!

I’ve just been reviewed by my consultant who has referred me onto the anaesthetists who are hopefully going to do an epidural blood patch, which should stop the csf leaking from my spine and hopefully get me up and about and back to normal quite quickly (fingers crossed). Although, the prospect of having more needles in my back isn’t the most attractive thing to think off at this moment in time.

Anyway, better go before I get wrong for using my phone in the hospital.

Take care all, speak soon!



  1. Would be interesting to hear how the blood patch goes – I’ve heard of it but I’ve never heard firsthand of what it’s like.

    Do the clever clogs get to redeem points on anything?

  2. Good luck with the patch

  3. Hope all goes well with the patch, and all good wishes for a speedy recovery thereafter!

  4. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery! So sorry to hear that you fell ill. That’ll teach you to take a holiday though…

  5. Get well soon buddy.

  6. The patch procedure isn’t so bad – it’s a lot less painful than the headache is!

    It really is effective. The only restrictions I had were to not bend down and take it easy for 48 hours or so; the clot can come away from the leak site if you’re too boisterous and then you’re back at square one again.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, I know how bad these things suck!

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