Posted by: medicblog999 | May 30, 2009

My Excuse

Well, my return from holiday hasn’t gone to plan, and I thought I would both explain my reasons for the lack of decent posts and also ask for the help of the docs out there who read my blog (I know there’s at least one of you…you know who you are!!)

On Thursday, I was taken into a local hospital with a suspected sub arachnoid haemmorhage (bleed in the brain). Following a normal MRI scan and a normal (but tortuous 1.5hrs long) lumbar puncture, I was discharged yesterday, but the headache and nausea remains. I have had no diagnosis and in total they have tried Morphine, I.V paracetamol, brufen, codeine, tramadol, naproxen and another nerve acting analgesic that I cannot remeber the name of, and finally a triptan drug, all to no benefit. I have now just taken some amytriptaline as directed by my gp and then may have to start betablockers tommorrow.

Thats my reason for not posting (although I have some good stories to tell that I have been saving ), my question for the medics is this though.
I have had an occipital headache, sudden onset, with very painful eyes and nausea since Thursday. Since yesterday the nausea has eased, but what I am finding strange now is that when I lie down, most of the pain goes and I am fairly comfortable, but as soon as I sit up or stand up, the pain comes back within a few seconds and remains as long as I am up. Once I lay down again, the pain goes within a couple of minutes.
I know that SAH, and meningitis have been ruled out and that this may just be a severe migraine ( although I have never had migraine before) but how come the pain comes and goes so quickly depending on position. My obs were all completely normal throughout my hospital stay so I am assuming that BP is not a problem.

I’m getting fed up now and want to get back to normal.

Thanks for hanging around!!

P.S I have some massive news that I am hoping to share sometime soon, once everything has been agreed and my partner in crime (not Mrs 999) and I decide on a time to let you all in on it.


  1. Shiz man!

    Hope your alright!

    Sounds like its been a fairly rough few days for you and yours!

  2. I suffer badly from migraines with nausea and vomitting (time of the month related) so feel heartily sorry for you. To top it all a few years ago a new migraine ‘wonder drug’ almost wrecked my liver. Hope you feel better soon and find out what’s causing the headaches. xx

  3. I’m not a medic, but apparently postural headaches after LPs are quite usual – they tend to occur due to a decrease in CSF pressure.

    Can have a browse at this study if you wish:

    If it continues you can receive an epidural blood patch –

  4. You could be pregnant.

    And you’re going into the crime business? I hear it pays very well.
    Feel better!

  5. Get well soon Mark.


  6. Hi Mark,

    Very common to get post-LP headaches, and they are characterised by exactly what you have described – immediate pain on getting up, followed by relief as soon as you lie down. It’s a sod when this happens. Can last a week. If it carries on, PM me and we can chat…

    Wish you better – from my sick bed to yours

  7. Get well soon

  8. Did you, or did you not get bitten by a jellyfish while on holiday?

    Case solved.

  9. Do hope that you get better very soon!

  10. About ten years ago I had severe weakness in my legs and garbled speech. After all of the tests were through they determined I “may” have had a small head bleed. I’ve felt great since, no return of symptoms. The body is a strange thing, I don’t think we will ever fully understand what goes on.

    Hope all is well.

  11. I remember my Dad having something very similar and Shingles was suspected in the end as that travels the course of a nerve also and the pain was incapacitating. As your obs were ok with no temp spike I’d think that wasn’t likely but hey, that’s chucked another suspect into the ring. I was blued and twoed to A&E two weeks ago, first time ever I might add, with a stomach pain that competed favourably [and won] with child birth. I felt a right fraud even then as also no diagnosis so I know a little of what you feel….

    I found your blog from a referrer off mine so I thought I’d come and be nosey. I like what I see so I’ll be back.

    I hope you get better soon. Take it steady and every blessing….

    Sharon xx

  12. I sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well Mark. I hope you’re up and about soon!

    Nick H

  13. cluster headaches?

    Get well soon!

  14. I get migraines, but the only time I’ve ever had a headache similar to the one you describe is when I had a cerebral-spinal fluid leak. The fact that you’ve had an LP within a relatively short period of time plus your symptoms makes me think that’s what could be going on. Does your back hurt, too? My thoracic spine was almost as painful as the headache (that’s the only time I’ve ever scored any pain a 10/10).

    If it IS a CSF leak, then one of the remedies is an epidural blood patch; the doc takes blood from your arm and injects it into your epidural space, where it forms a clot and effectively acts as a plug to stop the leak. I felt better almost immediately and was able to sit at a 45 degree angle without screaming and vomiting within half an hour. 3 hours after the patch procedure, I went home and a day later the headache was all but gone.

    Let me know how you get on – you’ve got my email address, don’t be afraid to use it!

  15. So sorry to read you have been through all this…I sincerely hope you are ok now and feeling really better. Just a couple of things – Jellyfish sting….and Plane Journey? Sometimes a rotton combination. Still sincerely wish you well and quickly too.

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