Posted by: medicblog999 | May 27, 2009

How to get a Paramedics attention

p_419_300_2193979C-BB1C-4ECA-A30E-75769D24B680.jpegI was walking through a local A&E (ER) 10 minutes ago when I overheard a doctor behind a semi closed door say

” Ive never seen one that big! ”
I immediately had to stop, make some sort of a U turn then take a number of passing walks whilst straining my neck to try and find out what he was on about.

No luck though, still don’t know what was so big, so Ill leave it to all your imaginations, both dirty and medical.


  1. T wave in anterior leads, obviously.

    Dirty Medic.

  2. he could have been referring to your pay packet ha ha

  3. It suddenly came to me during the night – of course he was referring to your enormous jelly fish sting. He must have caught sight of it somehow. There, mystery over.

  4. Maybe it was a spider

  5. […] Lets have a look then! I’ve written in the past about the natural curiosity of paramedics….. […]

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