Posted by: medicblog999 | May 26, 2009

Back Home

windowWell, thats it!, all over and back home again. I was ready to come back but now im here, I wish I was still in Ibiza! 

Back to work tommorow, so blogging should resume normally then. I have some stories I have been saving up for time to pass before posting so I think I will work on them a bit to share with you.

As I have mentioned in the past, I read alot of other blogs using bloglines. I logged on this morning to find that I had 471 posts to read! I have thus made the decision to try not and plow through that many so I apologise to my fellow bloggers if I have missed anything whilst I am away.

emtspotHowever, I was notified of a “pingback” to my blog via email whilst I was away (for those not in the know, this is when another blog links to yours, usually when mentioning your blog). This was from the Steve over at EMT spot. Steve has commented on one of my most personal posts that I published a couple of months ago, “Suicide”. He discusses the effect these types of jobs can have on a paramedic and looks at some coping strategies. I found it really interesting, and a little humbling to see my blog mentioned on his site. Thanks Steve.

Click here to read the original post if you missed it, then here for Steves comments.



  1. Spence at siren Voices noted something about dealing with the rough jobs the other day.

    The traditional way of getting it out of your system was to talk to colleagues back at the station. However, now that many crews are dispersed, there’s often no one to talk to.

    I’m but a CFR and first aider. The first fatal I had to deal with was at an RTC on my way to work. Ironically/fortunately I was doing the second day of my first aid requalification. I had a room full of first aiders to unload on once I got to work.

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