Posted by: medicblog999 | May 21, 2009

It really is an old wives tale!!

windowslivewriterjellyfishcuriouscreatures-ff89jellyfish1112Dont worry this is a medical post, not just about my hols, and before anyone tells me off from posting while on my hols, it’s just a short one done on my iPhone whilst Alexander is having his afternoon nap!

I was out having a merry old time snorkeling in fairly deep water off the coast yesterday, having a few dives down to a reef and enjoying seeing all the fish etc. Whilst swimming around on the surface I suddenly felt a severe sharp pain on my right shoulder, spun round and saw a tiny jellyfish bobbing along beside me. I also saw about 4 or 5 of his little friends behind him, so what ensued like a scene from jaws with me frantically kicking away with my fins trying to out run these little buggers!!
I got back onto the beach, looked at my shoulder and thought it didn’t look too bad, but it really stung.


Now, going off the old wives tale (and a memorable episode of friends!) I went off in search of the wife so that she could perform her duty and help dull the pain. On the way however,  I bumped into the pool life guard and he advised me that this doesn’t work……but, who am I to doubt the word of Chandler and Monica over a trained life guard!!

In the end, Mrs Medic999 stepped up to the plate and sacrificed her dignity to help her critically injured husband. It made no difference to the pain or discomfort what so ever, but it was bloody funny trying to get in the right position for her to urinate on my shoulder!!!!!!!!

It wasn’t till after that I told her that the lifeguard said it wouldn’t work……guess he was right after all!

Is this a little too much information? For those who I work alongside who read this blog, make sure the jokes are ready for Sandra getting back to the station!

See ya!



  1. It’s definitely proof that Sandra loves you….

  2. If only there was some kind of…oh I don’t know, carafe, chalice…um…CUP! Ever thought to introduce tools into your endeavors?

    You Brits…

    Glad to hear you’re being pissed on as well.


  3. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… *blank look*

  4. OMG. Remember – revenge is sweet !!!

  5. Ha ha! You got peed on by your wife 😉 sweet. Hey! Do you know that peeing on your feet cures athlete’s foot? You should try it!

  6. Better to be pissed on than pissed off! (I know it’s old but I couldn’t resist)

  7. Your a disturbed man.

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