Posted by: medicblog999 | May 9, 2009

The EMS Garage

File1-ems garageI have recently stumbled across a podcast which I am now hooked on, so I thought I would try and get some of you lot to go and have a listen too!

The EMS garage is a discussion podcast where a number of experts in the field of pre-hospital care get together each week and discuss a certain topic.

It is based in America, which for me, makes it fascinating, as I am always trying to figure out how the various systems over there work! The most recent podcast was about the economics of EMS and after listening to it, I now think I understand things just a little more than before.

For those in the UK that have been interested in the discussions/posts that Happy Medic and I have collaborated on regarding the way NHS pathways work, I would really recommend downloading a recent edition called “refusing alcohol” where the team discuss the topics of refusing treatment/transport to some patients with no clinical need, as well as the complex issues surrounding patients who refuse our help when it really is needed.

I really am enjoying listening to them, so if you fancy downloading it yourself, just click here.

P.S After I emailing the shows host to share information about our system in NEAS (NHS pathways and Respond not Conveyed), I have been invited onto the show to share a UK perspective. To say I am really excited is a slight understatement!
I’ll let you all know when I make my debut, so you can enjoy the host and his guests getting to grips with my Geordie accent.

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