Posted by: medicblog999 | May 7, 2009


reality-checkSometimes its hard to stay positive, happy and smiley. Sometimes its hard to keep seeing “the bigger picture”!

In my very first post, I told you how this wasn’t going to be one of those blogs which becomes “against the management, and the establishment”, and I have continued with that theme from day one. I have no intention of changing that, I believe that this isn’t the place to air grievances (especially when I am not anonymous!)

However, If I am trying to portray life as a paramedic, then I should at least mention in passing, that it aint all wonderful and rose coloured all the time. These last two days have seen various things that have made me boil, not to do with my service as,  such, but  more to do with the impact of the government targets for response times.

It hasnt been a fun time, but once I am with a genuine patient, like my last job yesterday, it all becomes worthwhile again.

But hey, it may just be that I am only 4 days away from my first holiday in 4 years and the little things are starting to get to me!

Counting down to the airport……….



  1. your going to catch swine flu if you leave the country or so the media would have us believe

  2. Make sure you have a REALLY good time, 999. You sound as if you need it.

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