Posted by: medicblog999 | May 6, 2009

A shout out!

I use the title of this post to prove that I am “down with the kids” and not really a middle aged paramedic going through a mid life crisis.

What I do want to do though, is point you in the direction of a blog that I recently found that I am getting alot from and Im sure some of you will too.





Its a little bit different as its more to do with teaching and discussing certain topics, more that just sharing stories and experiences. I am finding it useful for a bit of a refresher for some topics not frequently thought about since I left training school. The most recent post is about epinephrine (adrenaline), which I know sounds boring, but isnt it cool to actually know about the stuff you are using!!

Steve, the author of EMTspot gives his descriptions in such a way that complex topics are changed into simpler concepts to aid in learning them.

I really thing it is excellent reading if you are thinking of becoming and EMT or Paramedic, or even if you are a paramedic and fancy updating your own core knowledge. Remember, CPD points are the new currency in UK emergency medical services.

Click here to visit the EMTspot and start working the old grey matter a little bit again……you know you want too!!



  1. Good find Mark! Well worth looking at. Thanks for posting.

  2. You’re awesome Mark. I love your blog. Thanks for the “shout out” my funky, fresh, fly homeboy. (Now that was just embarassing.)

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