Posted by: medicblog999 | April 28, 2009

Are you a graphic genius?

graphic_tabletI’m asking for a little help if possible?

I am going to start a linked blog to this one, which is soley for information and links relating to “The Handover” EMS blog carnival.

As we are heading towards our fourth edition, hosted at the end of the month by Michael at Rescuing Providence, I am thinking of ways to increase readership to all of our blogs and try and get even more and more submissions for the future editions of the carnival.

I have been playing with photoshop to try and get a really good banner picture for the Handover Carnival site, but to be frank, Im rubbish at it.

Are any of you lot out there good at this sort of thing. Im hoping for some sort of pictures which brings elements of both UK and American EMS systems along with something to do with the A&E/ER departments – hence the name of the carnival “The Handover”

Does anyone want to have a bash at this?

I’m planning on going to night classes on web design so that I can move this blog from to so that I can have more input into the way my blog looks, but until then I’m fairly constricted to what I can achieve here.

Any help with the title banner would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Put me on the list as interested. Drop me an email with ideas/dimensions and I’ll see what tumbles out of the old noggin.


  2. I’m not good at that sort of thing.. but I have written a little poem as a tribute to all you guys.. and for the “The partners” and “love ones ” left worrying at home… about you guys and this is linked to Michael at Rescuing Providence. I do hope you like it I like your blog nicely written.
    Regards Susie

  3. Thanks for the beautiful poem Susie, I know that Michael is excited about sharing it in his edition of the handover due out at the end of May!

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