Posted by: medicblog999 | April 3, 2009

Some say I talk too much!

For those of you out there who know me ( I know that there are some of you!), this next clip wont come as a surprise to you. For all others, here is a little explanation.

During the last series of filming “Emergency”, I looked after a patient who had an alledged anaphylactic reaction and had used his own epi-pen. It turned out that it was likely that all he had was a panic attack, so all was well. On the way up to the hospital, I was asked to do a short bit to camera about what happens when someone has an anaphylactic reaction.

The clip below is taken from a “blooper reel” of which this may well be the only clip that sees the light of day!

The first time I saw it, it made me laugh, so hopefully it will do the same for you, after all if you cant laugh at yourself…….




  1. How long was that response lol maybe just give them a human physiology book. Sometimes i wonder if the general public realise just how complex some medical mechanism are.

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