Posted by: medicblog999 | March 27, 2009

“The Handover” Edition 2

the-handover-logo1The second edition of “The Handover” blog carnival for all things EMS and ER/A&E can now be found over at “You called 911…..for this!”

happyHappy Medic asks us to go back to school, to share with others any lessons we have learned in our time in EMS/Prehospital care and in the ER.

This months edition has grown from the first edition and has 11 submissions this time.

Go and have a look, share in the learning that has taken place and dont forget to raise your hand before you ask any questions. I hear that Mr Happy Medic can have quite a fierce temper if his students misbehave.

Thanks to HM for providing a thoroughly amusing edition.

emergiblog1Submissions are now being taken about anything EMS/ER by Kim over at Emergiblog for the 3rd edition. Submissions close on the 20th April for publication on the 24th April. Email your submissions to kim at

I am always on the look out for future hosts for the Handover. If you are interested, drop me an email at The only prerequisite is that you are involved in EMS/Emergency Care.



  1. I’m a ready! Bring ’em on! : D

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