Posted by: medicblog999 | March 19, 2009

Change of Shift Blog Carnival


Kim at Emergiblog is hosting her “Change of shift” blog carnival today.

This is a carnival dedicated to our colleagues in the nursing profession. Click here to have a read and see how many of the issues they as a profession are facing which are remarkably similar to those in EMS.

Ive also managed to wangle an appearance somewhere amongst it all!


  1. Interesting post regarding psyche ER. I worked in acute psyche before going to the dark side of emergency nursing–and was appalled at how psyche presentations were treated in ED’s. But, as you mentioned, the resources simply aren’t there sometimes to give the best care to these cases.

    One ED I worked at actually had a separate psyche ER which was fantastic–it streamlined the care and everyone in the department was (obviously) focused on/trained in the mental health aspect of the emergency.

    The funny thing was, if a patient had so much as a hangnail the psyche ER would refuse them until they had been ‘cleared’ medically. So often we still had acutely ill psyche patients waiting to see the ER doc for hours.

    I always found it interesting that any possible whiff of a physical ailment would trump a whopping mental concern. Such is our society I guess!

    Interesting blog! Thank you!

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