Posted by: medicblog999 | March 13, 2009

A sweet couple


I was called to a young pregnant lady the other week when I was working a relief shift away from my usual area. She was 17 and her partner and father of the child was only 16. They were living together in a not too salubrious house but seemed to be making the best of things.

As is highlighted internationally, we in the UK seem to have a bit of a problem with teen pregnancy, and that certainly tallies up with my experiences in the job.

The problem that Sarah (not her real name) had, was one of severe nausea and vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarium). This meant that frequently, throughout the day, she would vomit, and had done so since the 6th week of her pregnancy

Obviously, both herself and her partner Steven (also not his real name) were a bit concerned about what this was doing to her and the unborn child, so had sought advice from the Maternity unit who had advised her to come in to be checked over.

On arriving to the flat, I was immediately struck by how caring Steven was for his partner. Most of the time with “younger” pregnant girls and their partners, it is obvious that things are going to be difficult for the couple and you sometimes wonder how long the relationship will last for when they are so young and with so many challenges ahead.

Steve and Sarah were chatting with each other like a married couple ( with Steven firmly in his place I might add). He was running around for her, getting her bag ready, getting her water (because he knows that she likes a sip of water if she is feeling faint) and generally fussing over her, but remaining calm and jovial.

Sarah herself was okay at that time, all of her observations were within limits, although her blood pressure was edging on the side of hypotension whilst sitting down. I decided not to take any chances and my mate got the carry chair from the vehicle and we wheeled her to the ambulance for the short journey to the maternity unit.

I had a really pleasant chat on the way up. Not at all like I would have expected from the stereo-typically young and pregnant couple that the media and press always report on.

They were telling me their grand plans and how he hoped to finish college and get a decent apprenticeship before baby is six months old so that he can then support Sarah whilst she goes back to night classes.

I kept thinking that maybe they will make it!

We arrive at the maternity unit and as we are walking into the department, I feel as though I have a good enough rapport to ask the question I have been thinking about:

” So Steven, when are you going to make an honest woman out of Sarah?”

The reply:

” Your joking aren’t you mate!, I only met her the week before I got her pregnant!!!”

Oh well, illusion shattered!

But in all honesty, it was said with a twinkle in his eye and a quick look over to Sarah with real compassion. I hope they buck the trend of the statistics, I really do.


  1. You guys have a teen pregnancy issue? We all do my friend. Bristol Palin for one. Got knocked up at 17, they forced the boyfriend to propose and when her Mom didn’t make Vice President, Levi (the boyfriend) left school and broke it off.

    Now that’s good old American Family Values.

    Nice new look by the way.

  2. Let’s hope! Sound a nice pair of youngsters.

    However, with the easy availability of contraceptives, why did she get a little bit preggers in the first place?

    BTW, you can have my email, for what good it may do!

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