Posted by: medicblog999 | February 27, 2009

The Handover – Edition 1


Welcome to the first ever edition of  “The Handover”, a blogcarnival dedicated to the staff who provide emergency care both in the community and in the Accident and Emergency Department (or ER).

This edition posed the question:

“what is your most memorable post?”

This was left open to the interpretation of the authors. Some have shared experiences they have had which moved them and has stayed with them over time, others have mentioned posts which opened their blogs to other readers.

This is a relatively small carnival posting, and thanks goes out to those who submitted a posting, but this is only the start, and hopefully the carnival will grow as time goes on and more blogs take their turn in hosting the carnival.

So, onwards and upwards and off we go!!

selhf-harmLumo, an A&E nurse working in the uk, discusses her thoughts when dealing with a patient who is well known in her department due to continued self harming. She describes the fragile relationship that can exist between frequent “service users” and the staff that provide care for them. There is also a bit of a thought provoking comment from an anonymous contributor at the end of the comments, so make sure you take a look

teepee-basic-coneOn to a post from the Happy Medic, a Fire fighter Paramedic from the US, who gives us a post from the days of his fledgling blog which got noticed by another blog and gave him the surge of readers that we all hope for. I can certainly hear the story being repeated in the firehouse to new firefighters over the years to come.

mosquito-014Next we have a submission from MotorCop,  a police officer in California, who gives us a truly chilling insight into what must be one of the most traumatic jobs  to have to attend. I don’t want to say much more as I couldn’t do the story justice in trying to paraphrase it. It certainly left a chill down my spine and is not one to read for the faint hearted.

how-to-prevent-the-flu-4The Ranting Yorkshireman, is a UK first aider who works for St Johns Ambulance. He choose to share one of his most discussed posts. He asks the question of what to do if a parent refuses treatment for a child. This has been discussed in a number of blogs I read recently so it is obviously of interest to alot of us out there. The post itself is fairly short but it sparks a great debate. Be sure to go through the comments for some insightful thoughts.

ishedateartodaybearBack to another tear jerker with a post received from Michael, a Fire Fighter EMT from RhodeIsland in the US. He describes the moment that he is hit with the reality of unthinkable cruelty to a child, but also shares with us the  special bond that can be achieved in a short time between EMS providers and the patients we care for. Be sure to have some tissues with you as you read this one!

After the traumatic posts above, lets finish with a funny one! 

art_of_laughter_9 Wormtown Medic, a paramedic in the United States, shares with us a ‘one liner, that is sure to bring a smile to your face. A short post which contains everything needed to take us into the situation and enjoy the laughter that surely occurred at the reception desk.

That’s it for this edition! I hope you agree that its the quality, not the quantity that counts. We are now off and running. The success of this carnival relies on word of mouth getting out and all you blog authors out there submitting posts and hosting the carnival.


960-banner-testThe Happy Medic has kindly agreed to host the next edition to be published on the 27th March. HM has set the theme for the second edition as

“A learning moment”

He asks us to remember when a call or a patient episode turned into a lesson you will never forget. Get your thinking caps on and get your submissions in by 23rd March either directly to HM at or via the usual blog carnival link.

Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed it please help us by publicising the carnival when you can.



  1. Hi
    Good idea for a blog, loved the ‘one liner’!

    Check out for some very good writing about prehospital care, this guy has some real talent!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ll go and have a look.

  2. We’re off to a great start! Thanks for hosting, I’ve found some new blogs well worth reading. Not sure if I could host, I can barely figure out how to post on my own site.

  3. Great job on issue 1 999, looks great and quality posts indeed.
    That’s right everyone “a learning moment” is the theme for issue 2. Spread the word far and near and drop your submission to me over at HM HQ.

  4. Wow The Handover is definitely off to a fantastic start! I feel really lucky to be a part of it, thanks so much 🙂

    The ‘one liner’ made me giggle!

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  6. […] a separate note, I feel privileged that Emergiblog will be hosting the third edition of “The Handover” in April. Thanks go out to Kim for her support of our fledgling blog carnival. Possibly related […]

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