Posted by: medicblog999 | February 22, 2009

Medic999 on the TV

Heres a novel idea! I thought I would tell the story of a very interesting RTC thatI attended 2 years ago. At the time myself and my colleague were being filmed for a documetary series called “Emergency”.

I started writing the story but then I thought, why not just show the clip instead?

So here it is in all of its glory!! I havent edited it so you can either watch the intro or skip to 50sec in for the story to start.

Kind thanks to Tony Cartledge Productions for the permission to share the material.


To put it into perspective, here is a map showing the journey which this gentleman took during his “trip out for some milk!”




  1. “Another life saved, another heart broken” is what we say.

    Nice stuff 999, LOVE the ramp up the back of the ambulance.
    stay safe,

  2. I remember seeing that when it was on, I’m from near Newark originally.

    Your map is a bit wrong though I’m afraid, Newark’s a bit further north than your dot on the map,-74.172134&sspn=0.130842,0.307617&g=newark&ie=UTF8&ll=53.357109,-0.812988&spn=6.598178,19.6875&z=6&iwloc=addr

    • Sorry about the accuracy Martin, I just did a google map search and that was what it brought up. Geography has never been my strong point!!!

  3. […] the TV again. Last month I posted a clip of me working on an interesting job which was filmed for the “Emergency” TV series […]

  4. Awesome job. How can I get access to the rest of the show over here in the US

  5. Unfortunately, you can’t Matt. These clips are just ripped from my own production DVD copy of the series. They are always repeated on discovery and sky tv over here, but I don’t think you will get them over there.

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