Posted by: medicblog999 | February 19, 2009

Always be professional!

One of the first rules:

Always act in a professional manner!

Picture the scene…

Call to a cardiac arrest on a young adult male. I arrive in the rapid response car at the same time as the main ambulance. I jump out of the car, get my response bag over my right shoulder, my oxygen bag over my left and the defib in my right hand. I move round the side of the car then make across a small patch of grass to get to the patients front door.

I didn’t see the rather large rock in the grass!


Trip!……Next think I know, I am lying flat, sprawled out on the grass. The defib has bounced off to my right, my response bag has opened and some of the kit has tipped out and I now have mud down both legs.

Remember, always act professional!

Luckily the patients family didn’t see me but unfortunately, both colleagues from the ambulance did.

Don’t think I am going to live that one down in a hurry


Just for a change I thought I would also give you a quick glimpse into a full shift for me. These are the jobs I attended to today (kept deliberately vague!)


  1. Epigastric/Central Chest Pain – Non cardiac
  2. Fracture Dislocation of Right Shoulder
  3. Fractured Ankle
  4. Sudden Death
  5. Fall – Scalp Injury
  6. Collapse in the Street – CVA
  7. Forehead Laceration in a pre-school child
  8. Heroin overdose – respiratory arrest
  9. Jaundice Baby – generally unwell/lethargic
  10. Fall Scalp Injury
  11. Cardiac Chest Pain – Unstable angina

Busy day all in all, but all of the jobs were appropriate and worthwhile. Its been a good day!



  1. Do me a favor and keep that”Good Day” stuff to yourself. I’m due back on Medic 99 tomorrow, don’t ruin my Karma.

    Glad to hear a good day was had though, not enough of those anymore.

    And a tip of the Helmet to Mrs 999 for the great post as well.


  2. […] These are the jobs I attended to today (kept deliberately vague!) cropped-1_angel_north_birth.jpg. Epigastric/Central Chest Pain – Non cardiac; Fracture Dislocation of Right Shoulder; Fractured Ankle; Sudden Death; Fall – Scalp Injury …More […]

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