Posted by: medicblog999 | February 16, 2009

Doom and Gloom?


Ive been looking through my posts so far and one thing jumps out at me, its all mostly just doom and gloom. Sad stories, memories that keep coming back to me at the most unexpected of times.

When I am sitting in front of the computer, thinking of what to share, it always seems to be the “bad” jobs that jump straight to the front of my mind. Understandable I guess, but are those jobs the only type I get?

Obviously my working day consists of a variety of calls and usually a fair amount of standby. I cant imagine anyone wanting to hear about what film I watched on my iPhone this morning, or how I had anotherMcDonalds breakfast whilst on standby (my main standby point when I am working on the car is at a local McDonalds car park – not good for trying to keep the weight down!).

There are also a vast amount of jobs that I feel that you just wouldn’t be interested to hear about, the twisted ankles, colds, mild shortness of breath etc. So I get to thinking about what does make for “good reading”, which obviously brings about the “big jobs”, at both ends of the spectrum.

These can be either horrendous, or straight to the other end and the time wasters and the “you wouldn’t believe it” jobs.

I think I will try and even out the sad and depressive stories a bit more, but its hard as these are the ones which jump out to be told.

Does that make me morbid?, does that make you lot morbid?

We all like to read about things like that. We want to hear about what happens to people, even if it is dreadful, sad and something that you wish with all of your heart will never happen to you or a loved one. It s just human nature.

So I intend to try and even things out a bit. Now that I am actively writing this blog, I will keep an eye out for the more amusing stuff as well as the stories to reflect on which didn’t have the best outcome. I will try harder to make you smile a little, rather than depress you, and I will try to share the good times as well as the bad.

Lets see how that goes….

Although if in a couple of weeks time, its still all doom and gloom, I apologise in advance!


  1. Look at the news media.

    People are more interested in talking about negative things!

  2. One of the best things about doing my blog was the opportunity to reflect on some of the calls that I might have easily forgotten. Some truly amazing things happen most days, we just tend to not see them.

  3. Keep doing what you’re doing 999, I find it great and very informative. I got hooked when you posted the EKG for interpretation and gave a case study.
    Bad news, good news, whatever, just give us YOUR news.
    That’s what your blog is all about, right?
    If I want to laugh at emergency calls, I’ll just go to work 😛


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