Posted by: medicblog999 | February 11, 2009

Restless Feet



I have been on annual leave for 2 weeks. I am not due back on shift until Friday night. Thats been 18 days without being at work.

Does it make me a real saddo that I am starting to look forward to getting back?

Since I started 9 years ago, I have never had longer than 8 days away from work. I ALWAYS work some overtime on my holidays. 

Recently, however, I have decided to focus more on my family than work. Its taken me a long time to realise that I need to put them first and I have only come to this after acknowledging how close I have come to loosing them. 

I have had a lovely break from work. Its been nice, not having to worry about the station and what is going on. I have pulled out of the committees I was part of and have suspended a university course I was doing. I feel really really happy about my decision to change my focus…..But…….Im still looking forward to getting in my rapid response car on Friday night and getting back into the swing of things!!


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  1. 999,
    What happened to your post about staffing? I had a link to it and got a message it was no longer available.
    Just wondering,

    the Happy Medic

    • I dont know what was going on with the post about the staffing. It was blocking any new posts that I was putting up. i.e. when I published a post it was coming in behind the one about the staffing, so if anyone just popped onto my site it would seem that I hadnt put any new posts on. I tried for a couple of hours to change it (even changing the publish times etc) but nothing made any difference. The only thing I had left was to delete it (which I was gutted about as it had the most comments yet on it!)

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