Posted by: medicblog999 | February 11, 2009

Not to be Missed!!

Unfortunaltely, due to some technical difficulties I had to delete one of my posts “How many staff?”

As part of the comments, Happy Medic posted a link to a T-Shirt he designed. MarkUk has already bought one (even before happy medic!).

It seemed a shame to loose the comment when I had to delete the post, so here it is in all its glory: 


For a full description of its purpose, or to buy one click here!

(P.S, 10% of Market Sales should suffice HM!!!)



  1. Don’t you just love the overweight model?

    Thanks for the plug 999, if this works, there’s a special shirt idea in the works all about you and me, I’ll get you one!

    • Im Intrigued!! Sounds good though.

      Maybe the overweight model was visiting that donut shop in your patch that opens at 03.45!!!

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