Posted by: medicblog999 | February 8, 2009

“The Handover” Blog Carnival – Now Live!


The new blog carnival for all pre-hospital care providers and A&E/ER staff is now active and is accepting post submissions for its first edition to be hosted here on the 27th February.

Closing date for posts to be submitted is the 23rd February and the topic for this first edition is:

“Your most memorable post!”

When you look back over all of the posts you have wrote, which one stands out from all of the others. Which one got the most comments, sparked the greatest debate, or moved the most amount of your readers?

Why not share that post with some new readers and introduce them to your Blog through the use of “The Handover”

Further information on how to submit your posts and what the Carnival is about can be found in the link at the top of my homepage.

I am also looking for a volunteer to host the second edition on the 27th March. Anyone interested, please contact me.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!



  1. Medic,

    I would be honored to be included in your project! HM speaks very highly of you and it’s been both interesting and amusing to see the parallels between the States and ‘Across the Pond’.

    Do you just do a little cut and paste action or do I need to do something for you? Let me know!

    Thanks for reading, as well!

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