Posted by: medicblog999 | January 27, 2009

Back to nursing……


Before I became a paramedic, I used to be a Registered Nurse.

I have been fortunate to be able to stay registered since I left 8 years ago. The governing body for nurses in the UK recognises that the role that I do now as a Paramedic contain sufficient nursing duties to be classed as working towards my nursing hours which allows me to stay registered.

I havent actually done any nursing shifts for the last few years, but have recently been thinking about doing some bank shifts in one of my local Accident and Emergency departments. I have spoken to one of the senior sisters there and she has said it should be no problem for me to join the nurse bank and then I can start doing some shifts.

Obviously, some of my nursing skills will be very rusty and will need refreshing (setting up central lines, assisting with chest tubes, catheterising patients etc) but its an exciting prospect. I can also imagine that it is going to be very insightful seeing the emergency department from the A&E side instead of me bringing patients to them and then leaving shortly afterwards. 

I hope it will bring more understanding on my part when my patients have to wait to be triaged and allocated a room/bed because the staff are so busy. I wonder if I will handle the crews the same, or more to the point, I wonder how the crews will react to me when they see me standing there in my scrubs waiting to take the patients off them?.

It should bring some good posts though! This is still maybe 1-2 months off but im certainly looking forward to the challenge

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