‘The Handover’ Blog Carnival


Hello and welcome to the Blog carnival for all EMS/Paramedic/Fire-fighters/Accident and Emergency (or ER) staff.

This carnival is  open to bloggers from all areas of pre-hospital care and emergency care, whether that be Medical Staff, patients, Firefighters, EMTS/Paramedics etc.

It is initially going to run on a monthly schedule but may change to fortnightly if the posts come in thick and fast.

For full details on how to submit posts, how to become a host for an edition, and how to read past editions, click here to go to the home page of the carnival


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  2. [...] ‘The Handover’ Blog Carnival [...]

  3. [...] the outcomes in At Peace. Medic999 put together a well designed presentation of this months Handover Blog Carnival with the subject The First Emergency. Greg Friese from Everyday EMS Tips highlighted a video [...]

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  5. [...] medblogging community, examples would be Grand Rounds, Change of Shift, Patients for a Moment and The Handover.  Make your url part of every email signature and blog comment you send. Write it, and they will [...]

  6. [...] post about remembering that every patient has their own story. The post was a submission to The Handover Blog Carnival. January’s edition was hosted at Gomerville and the next one will be hosted at Notes From [...]

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